Olav Smink shares his Océ experience

Olav Smink
System Architect

Enjoying responsibility and freedom

“At the careers fair at the Delft University of Technology I was impressed by the ‘down-to-earth’ attitude of the Océ team,” explains Olav Smink, who has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. “I now see this attitude reflected in the enthusiasm everyone has for their work. It’s really cool being a pioneer in creating amazing Graphic Arts printers that can print on both flat and non-flat surfaces, for example. I enjoy the responsibility and freedom my role brings with it. At Océ I have the mandate to initiate opportunities and really make things happen.”

From constraints to results

“This means I need to release a product within the given constraints such as budget, time and functionality.” Before he became a Project Manager, Olav was a Print System Architect (PSA). “The role of PSA is an ‘early phase’ project leader.  The PSA leads and develops a team of architects that’s responsible for the project definition based on an assessment of the product and the market, and an analysis of the roadmap. It is our challenge to eliminate technical uncertainties and to develop the modules, functions and architecture in line with the requirements. We work with the Strategic Business Unit to build the business case for the product. Once any technical uncertainties have been mitigated to an acceptable level, the PSA transfers the project to the Project Manager and their engineering team. “

Discover the world beyond printing on paper

“As a PSA you need to have a feeling for the end product. It’s not about ‘intangible’ nanometers. At Océ, you work toward concrete products. We are at the forefront globally leading printing technologies. We are creating a new reality!”

Can-do mentality

“Our work is all about leadership and taking ownership, stimulating creativity and getting the job done. This approach accelerates innovation like no other. And that’s how we’re able to working on amazing developments the market doesn’t even know it needs yet!”